This Is How We Fall LP [Bandcamp Extended Edition]

by Christopher James

Round Two Feat. Paul Osborne
High Enough To Drive
Kill For Me
Come Back To Me Feat. Paul Osborne
i290 | I.W.Y.D. | Interlude
Sickest Soul Feat. Paul Osborne
Sleepless | Sickness
I'm Br | ok | en
Burned Out


I have been going back and forth in my head with what concept to portray on my first album under Christopher James. I had many ideas and at the same time was battling if I even wanted to continue making music. During the time I was contomplating these things we have begun a new year but when January came around it made many of these choices for me.

January of 2017 was an almost unbearable time in my life. It all started with the passing of my grandfather from cancer. I was asked to be the pallbearer, which I accepted with out a second thought but well I was in Connecticut for the funeral and services, I was dealing with other family issues. All of this put together pushed me to what felt like a breaking point with faith and my mental, emotional state.

Well this is all happening I receive the news that when I return to Massachusetts I have to attend another funeral and wake for my cousin. I wasn't sure I could even process another death at this point but we do what we have to in order to move forward. These services were to begin about two days follow the services for my grandfather and it was about a two and a half hour drive back to Massachusetts and I decide to head home.

On my way home from the first funeral, I was in a hit and run, three car accident, on my way for the second funeral. My car was totaled but I drove it home from the accident because I still had an hour to drive home. So I drove back home and went to the next round of services for my cousin, only to shortly after find out that my girlfriends grandmother was in the hospital.

I went to the hospital with my girlfriend and her family, that day she had passed away. I was asked to be pallbearer for this funeral as well and of course I accepted. Still I don't think I have processed much of this, not only because this is tough subject matter to deal with but also because all this happened in a span of about two weeks.

My only true way of coping with things is through writing and music, so my true goal of "This Is How We Fall" is in part to tell this story but more so to help me process and deal with all that has happened January of 2017.

UPDATE | 3/24/17

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releases June 16, 2017

Label: Suburban Decay Recordings
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Music / Vocals / Programming /
Lyrics / Writing / Recording: Christopher Lauretti

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