by Christopher James



I always wanted more for us / I wanted a house / a home / so you won't feel alone / but I have a right to be angry / you don't get to tell me / I don't understand /

because I hold it in every day / I know it's too much / but when we go down / we go down together / your pain is my pain / your blood is my blood / your skin is my skin / if you get to cut me / then I get to stop you /

I can't save us / but I won't stop trying to save you / you wear those cuts like they don't exist / because no one can see / but I see everything /

you and me are one / because you and me will never be done / I'm sorry I can't make you better / I'm sorry I always make this worse / but I have a right to be angry / even if I hold it all inside / till the day we die /

I love the struggle / I love living on my knees / I don't worship anything / all this suffering / I brought this on me /

pain is my motivation / I will never need anything / pain is my motivation / I will never need anything / I'm addicted to my suffering / it makes me feel / but is it real /

when your trapped in your head / wishing you were dead / and you can't get out of this mind set / that you created / I won't to kill myself / but I can't / they won't let me / if I do even more weight will haunt me / I like to be down / it's what keeps me around / the chambers loading / and its calling my name /

Lyrics by Christopher Lauretti


released September 24, 2016

Lyrics/Vocals/Noise: Christopher Lauretti
Track 1 Drum Track: Joey Ford Free Drum Tracks



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