by Christopher James



In this world that doesn't give a fuck about you / they only care about what you do / Depression means nothing anymore, if you don't kill yourself / they will find you on the floor / just another pre pubescent eye sore /

Living this life closed off from the world / Time slips away, you've got nothing to hold / Why do I cry at nothing / I'm weak / it's like this sadness deep inside of me / digs and digs and digs / till it sets itself free / then I can't contain the sadness / it just pours out of me

Fight, fight, fight the stigma that's holding you down / you were made for more, then just prey to be found / lift the weight of the masses / reach for higher ground and kill what will betray you

The air is stale with the scent of regret
But I will bury the king for the weight I have kept
Do you feel lifeless, hopeless
Like you've got nothing left
But you fight like hell to catch one last breath
You know you're only numb for the time in between
Well it builds up inside and then you burst at the seem
Now get the fuck up if you know what I mean

This. Is. All, out. Warrrr. / Exposed, tell me what you're here for / The price of love and pain are exactly the same

Lyrics By Christopher Lauretti


released November 1, 2016

Vocals/Lyrics: Christopher Lauretti
Featured Guitar: Aaron Stacey
Drum Track: Joey For Free Drum Tracks



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